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How do I claim a Deal with my Phone?
The newest Facebook App on the following smart phones' allow you to quickly and easy claim Deal via while at Bloomington Cleaners:
  - iPhone & iPad - Windows 7 Phones  
  - Google Android - HP WebOS  
Many other phones may also be able to claim Deals at quickly at
Can I use my Laptop to claim a Deal?
Some tablets such as the iPad have the Facebook App which makes it easy to Check In.  Other select laptops may also be able to Check In and claim Deals at 

The Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari web browsers typically support Facebook Deals, while Internet Explorer often does not.
You must select "Allow" if a pop up asks if you wish to share your location as it must verify you are at Bloomington Cleaners in order to Check In. 

What are Facebook Deals:

How do I use Facebook Deals?
While at Bloomington Cleaners, connect to Facebook Places from your mobile device to Check In and claim our Deals.  Devices without an app that supports Facebook Deals may still be able to use this service here:

After Checking In, present your Claimed Deal screen to our staff and they will let you know if there are any additional restrictions or limitations. 

What if I have problems Checking In?
*Some restrictions may apply to Facebook Deals offered at Bloomington Cleaners; see your server for details on your deal. 
**You must have a internet-enabled mobile device that supports Facebook Deals and an active Facebook account to Check In